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E-newsletters: a cost-effective marketing solution

With the expert help of a very successful salesperson, we developed an e-newsletter, called House Keys, to help you keep in touch with your clients. Our mini-magazine features lifestyle tips and strategies that will keep your clients interested and, at the same time, remind them of their relationship with you. Best of all—it’s easy for you. We do almost all of the work!

Increase your sales. Studies show it’s seven times easier and less expensive to do business with a repeat client than to land a new client. A monthly e-newsletter reminds your clients that you are thinking about them and their interests.

Why e-mail newsletters? Publications like our newsletter have higher open rates than any other types of e-mail. You can gather feedback from your readers. Bonus: With the click of a button, your clients can forward your newsletter to their friends—putting your name in front of prospective clients without you having to do a thing.

Developed with an expert. We used the advice of an award-winning realtor with twenty years of experience to create our newsletter. She shares our philosophy that it is important to understand what a client wants. She says, "Too often, we salespeople tell our clients what we have for sale. But the question is what do they want? This newsletter has the kind of information clients are looking for."

Clients appreciate the content. Our e-newsletter is a mini version of a regional lifestyle magazine, such as Sunset magazine. It features articles on real estate, recipes, regional travel, and home decorating or maintenance.

Customize your newsletter. We'll help you create your own introductory message. We can also match the look of your branding.

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Does your marketing strategy take full advantage of what the internet has to offer?

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"An e-newsletter is the next best thing to having lunch with every one of your clients and prospects once each month."

--Michael Katz, author of E-newsletters that Work

"Businesses using direct email marketing campaigns enjoy a return on investment that is two to three times higher than with any other form of direct marketing."

--Forrest Research

House Keys

Does your marketing strategy take full advantage of what the internet has to offer?

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