About Us

Gold Rush Wordsmiths was established to increase our clients' personal and professional success through the use of the written word. As a partner in your creative endeavors, it is our job to help you to find the right words to share your message in a way that is clearly stated and easily understood.

Founder Margaret Meagher

We are writers who are not only dedicated to our craft, but are people who are also known for their dependability, strong work ethic, attention to detail, and—-most of all—-for having lots of heart.

Gold Rush Wordsmiths was founded by Margaret Meagher. She is an unabashed fan of the written word. She has used her interest in clear communication and getting the word out for the last twenty years to promote a number of non-profit and volunteer organizations, including HelpLine Information and Assistance and The Friendship Club.

Margaret is grateful to the many authors whose books and articles have enriched her life. She appreciates the time and effort they have taken to share their expertise. Margaret knows how much how-to-books can help others. One of her do-it-yourself projects was to build this web site from scratch with the help of Ian Lloyd’s book, Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way. (Thank you, Ian!)

In civic life, Margaret has served for seventeen years on the board of the Nevada City School District. She is also a student of California Gold Rush history.